Work place:
Aksai (field)
Contract type:
Shift pattern:

Education and work experience:

Secondary professional education in the relevant speciality or other technical and not less than 2 years of work experience as NDT Inspector

Main functions:

  • Execution of tests and participation in development of field equipment non-destructive testing (hereafter NDT) programs in accordance with specification, quality control and safety requirements; Participation in development of programs of risk mitigation and safe operation of field process equipment;
  • Participation in provision of quality control and monitoring of process equipment according to the technical specifications, quality and safety requirements;
  • NDT of process equipment at all field wide units according to specification, quality and safety requirements.

Necessary knowledge and skills:

  • Legislative and statutory acts of RoK, standards, requirements applied to equipment;
  • Resolutions, instructions and other statutory acts of state authorities;
  • Base knowledge of ASME, API, EN and ANSI standards;
  • Specifications, design characteristics, application, operating modes and operation rules of the company’s equipment;
  • Equipment installation, adjustment and setup methods;
  • Environmental legislation principles; occupational health and safety regulations and standards;
  • Computer skills, such as:  Microsoft Office, Word, Excel and Outlook;
  • SAP Maintenance Management System;
  • PowerDOCS - User Level.