Work place:
Aksai (field)
Contract type:
Shift pattern:
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Education and work experience:

Higher education (University degree or higher) in the relevant speciality and not less than 3 years of work experience in the lead specialist positions as per qualification or not less than 5 years of work experience in the specialist positions as per speciality.

Main functions:

  • Perform the engineering surveillance and technical inspection of construction and installation activities and monitoring of pre-commissioning and commissioning work of the KPO contractors.
  • Monitoring of the construction process in accordance with scope of work and quality control construction-installation activities, as well as the quality inspection on products, materials and consumables, structure of the approved technical documentation / specifications, engineering drawings, regulations, codes and standards, engineering specifications, labour protection principles.

Necessary knowledge and skills:

  • mastery English is an advantage on this role;
  • regulations, instructions, orders, standards and technical procedures on equipment technical servicing and maintenance; aspects of company technical development;
  • engineering specifications and performance of construction-installation schedule; standards, material certifications, products / consumables technical warranty; building codes and regulations;
  • main principles of production technologies and methods of construction-installation activities;
  • facility pre-commissioning procedure on construction completion and quality control procedure;
  • procedure of technical documentation registration;
  • advanced native and foreign practice on equipment maintenance and rehabilitation;
  • extended knowledge of construction materials / consumables / products; fundamentals of economics, production and labour management / administration;
  • main principles of environmental protection legislation;
  • main principles of the labour law;
  • labour protection rules;
  • engineering skills and experience on construction practice and welding equipment;
  • trouble-shooting and decision making (technical) skills;
  • national employees training.