Work place:
Aksai (field)
Contract type:
Shift pattern:
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Education and work experience:

Higher education in transport area and not less than 4 years of work experience as per speciality.

Main functions:

  • Uninterrupted provision of transport services for KPO Departments to ensure regular performance to Field Department’s plan.
  • Control that vehicles, equipment covered by the present position is handled in effective and delicate manner.
  • Control of receipt, processing, recording of the information, to plan and execute requests in STR – Special Transport Request Register.
  • Control over timely working operation of specialised vehicles of KPO and contractors according to requests submitted by KPO operation departments and organise technical support if necessary. To keep operational communication with drivers and operators of specialised vehicles providing services at remote locations (Uralsk, Atyrau, Bolshoi Chagan). Prepare and submit reports on the use of specialised transport owned by Company and contractors to line manager. Provide instant contact with vehicle requesters.
  • Organise and supervise the work of drivers and operators of specialised vehicles, including those responsible for the safe lifting operations, riggers and banksmen. Ensure compliance with the established procedure for acceptance and handover and technical inspection of vehicles at the facilities during re-shifting by drivers and operators.
  • Managing contractor for timely and high-quality cleaning of roads and KPO facilities in the winter. Provide timely warning and notification of the ECC operator, responsible representatives of the transport department and the road safety group about the road and weather conditions. In the event of extreme weather conditions (ice, snowfall, blizzard) coordinate work to ensure transport traffic.
  • Control that vehicle drivers take measures to ensure road safety and labour protection. Arrange inspection of the facilities and vehicle parking areas in order to prevent accidents.
  • Ensure conducting of scheduled, unscheduled TBT and refreshers for drivers and operators of specialised vehicles at the work sites with records made in the logbook. To instruct drivers and operators of specialised vehicles on the conditions and peculiarities of traffic on certain sections, driving vehicles in specific meteorological conditions;
  • Ensure control over the availability of all necessary passes/permits for drivers and operators of specialised vehicles of KPO and contractors;
  • Control passing of mandatory courses on H2S, safe driving and annual medical examination by drivers and operators of specialised vehicles before the expiration dates.
  • Control passing of pre-trip and post-trip medical examinations by drivers and operators.
  • Cooperate with Emergency Response Team, Administrative Assistants and other responsible persons designated by line managers of all KPO departments.
  • Elaborate the schedule and other vehicles’ performance with account of drivers’ and operators’ monthly time-sheets, which determine the drivers’ work pattern, and to update the above when changing vehicles’ working conditions at the end of the month when approving timesheets.
  • Improve the department’s work, vehicle utilization and enhancement of the vehicles efficiency.
  • Coordinate contractors’ performance of obligations and tasks to provide appropriate condition of vehicles in time complying with all road safety and labour safety requirements.
  • Control and monitoring on a real-time basis by means of in-vehicle monitoring system.
  • Coordinate and ensure work orders and KPO departments requests performance in accordance with approved operational plans and TA schedules.

Necessary knowledge and skills:

  • kinds of transport work and services;
  • the order and methods of industrial planning, specialization and territorial location of the company subdivisions, industrial links between them;
  • systems and methods for recording the progress of transport services and costs;
  • the advanced domestic and foreign experience in the sphere of the company transport service;
  • decrees, instructions, orders, other methodical and normative data concerning the company’s production, economic and transport activities;
  • appointments, structural features of vehicles technical and operating data, rules for technical maintenance of vehicles, technology and organization of vehicles maintenance;
  • transport regulations;
  • regulations for cargo (passengers) transportation;
  • the principles of labour organization, norms and regulations of labour safety;
  • basis of RoK labour legislation;
  • the current wage system and financial motivation of employees;
  • the order for preparation and registration of reporting;
  • RoK traffic rules.
  • computer literacy (Excel);
  • interpersonal skills;
  • ability for analyzing and taking decisions;
  • good team player