Industrial Relations and Investigations Section Head

Human Resources Controllership
Work place:
Aksai (office)
Contract type:
Shift pattern:

Education and work experience:

Higher education (University degree or higher) in the relevant speciality and not less than 2 years of work experience in the lead specialist positions as per speciality or not less than 6 years of work experience in the specialist positions as per speciality.

Main functions:

  • Organize monitoring and supervising compliance with the labour legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the course of carrying out activities by contractors/subcontractors within the territory of the Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field. Provide information, advice and practical support to KPO departments - contract holders, contractors and subcontractors in building effective industrial relations.
  • Coordination and control over internal investigations regarding human resources physical security and the Company assets safeguard.
  • Development and ensuring the implementation of forecasting analytics, organizational and practical measures to identify and research:
  1. the causes and conditions contributing occurrence of conflict situations in contractors/ subcontractors labour collectives;
  2. backgrounds that result in violation of policies, procedures, provisions, guidelines of the Company with regard to movement, entry/ removal or damage of the Company property as well as in respect of physical access to the Company sites.

Ensuring informational and communicative functions with respect to notify of the facts revealed and aimed at reviewing and taking response actions.

Necessary knowledge and skills:

  • Legislative and other acts regulating company activity and HR operations.
  • RoK Labour Legislation.
  • Safety rules and procedures.
  • Safety, sanitary, fire and civil defence rules.
  • Principles of market economics and business management, labour and educational services market situation.
  • Modern personnel management conceptions; basis of labour motivation and personnel assessment system; forms and methods of personnel training and development.
  • Principles of production and company development perspectives, management structure and personnel.
  • Advanced national and international experience in HR management.
  • Normative and methodical documentation.
  • Basis of Tax Legislation.
  • Standards of financial accounting and reporting; economics and arrangement of operations, management and production.
  • IT and telecom devices.