Work place:
Aksai (field)
Contract type:
Shift pattern:
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Education and work experience:

Higher education (University degree or higher) in HSE area and not less than 4 years of work experience as per speciality or secondary professional education in HSE and not less than 5 years of work experience in production activity control.

Main functions:

  • Control that all department and contractor employees strictly adhere to HSE legislative and other normative legal acts.
  • Assist KPO and contractor personnel on rig sites and at rigless facilities in safe execution of works performed in conformity with WEOPs work programmes; provide support for their efforts in HSE matters. To participate in the process of development, review and implementation of KPO procedures.
  • Manage HSE inspectors during well workover, clean up well testing operations and other activities carried out by WEOPs and their contractor staff. Ensure preparation of established reports. Maintain and keep directives, memorandums and HSE documentation.
  • Plan his routine work and the work of his subordinate staff in consideration of the type and complexity of well operations conducted on WEOPS units, as well as the actual situation and need for help in HSE matters at each particular unit. To coordinate his daily plan with HSE Superintendent.
  • Participate in the improvement of the system of PTW; check the compliance of applicable control measure with safety.  To advise staff on the accuracy and completeness of risk assessments on CLARA and RAMS forms within their competence. 
  • Provide to KPO and contractor personnel clarification of provisions in KPO internal acts and policies, RoK Safety Rules, industrial sanitation; and to require from all employees abidance thereby. To conducts work with the personnel of operating areas to reveal and identify hazards and measures to avoid or reduce the risk during the work. Verify the maintained at work places documentation, its completeness and its compliance with KPO and RoK Safety Rules. To provide for the preparation of established reporting, maintenance and storage of HSE documentation.
  • Organize inspections and monitoring on safe performance of operations, and if necessary, involve specialists from the other departments to support. To participate in the audits / inspections on HSE in Contractors. To track the development, progress and closure of corrective actions. To conduct the analysis of inspections, to identify trends, prepare or assist in the preparation of reports.
  • To participate in inspections made by KPO, contractors and RoK regulatory authorities. Following HSE Superintendent instructions, participate in rig start-up commissions and rigless activities. To interface with local government agencies within his competence.
  • Seek after compliance and associativity of KPO and contractor organizations’ procedures, to make proposals for their improvement, and to demand implementation of approved procedures.
  • Interface with KPO, contractors and training centre personnel to organize HSE courses.
  • Provide to KPO and contractor personnel clarifications on inspection procedures. To organize inspections as per schedules and to control timely elimination of deficiencies identified.
  • Analyze the forecast for summer and winter PPE; ensure compliance and implementation of procedures for PPE. To keep records and issuance of personal gas detectors and evacuation filter masks to the employees of the department, to ensure coordination of the performance of the routine work to maintain them in good condition. To prepare applications through the SAP system for inspection in the central workshop of temporary portable equipment of Contractors.
  • Participate in the process of development, revision and implementation of procedures / instructions for the implementation of HSE inspections before drilling, testing and surveying of wells. Provide monitoring of legislative and regulatory acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on issues of safety and labor protection, industrial and fire safety. To provide recommendations on the application of existing legislative, regulatory and technical acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international standards ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Participate in the process of developing and revising Orders on the appointment of responsible persons for safety and labor protection, industrial and fire safety, and ensuring the safety of work on PTW at operating areas of Well Operations department. To communicate these Orders to the appointed personnel against signature. If necessary, to provide safety induction to new KPO personnel and to visitors of WEOPs Department sites and facilities.
  • Organize incident and accident investigations, to take part in commissions work, to issue and submit investigation reports in a timely manner.
  • Issue materials and to take part in safety meetings held by HSE section of WEOPs department, and if necessary, in meetings held by other departments and contractors. To constantly work to improve professional levels of HSE Inspectors; and to make proposals on training and promotion thereof.
  • Participate as an observer in drills conducted at the operating areas of Well Operations department, if necessary, to provide advice and methodological assistance, make recommendations for improvement. Participate in blow-out prevention inspections of workover, drilling, rigless wells on WEOPs activities. To format prevention activities-related documents as per RoK requirements. To control that such documents are maintained on sites and facilities in timely and correct manner.
  • Participate in the verification of the correctness and completeness of work permits, sign work permits and related documents (including risk assessment) when they are properly executed, as the person responsible for HSE.

Necessary knowledge and skills:

  • ecological legislation;
  • legislative, normative and methodical materials on HSE;
  • operational and organizational structure of the company and prospects of its development;
  • primary technological operations, performed during drilling, work over and well service activities and of processes accompanying them;
  • advanced national and foreign experience in environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources;
  • procedures of accident and injury investigation and recording;
  • labour protection rules and standards;
  • methods to survey working conditions at work places;
  • organization of work on labour protection;
  • system of labour safety standards;
  • requirements to employees as per work category, of limitations for employment of labour of women and of those entitled to sheltered employment;
  • principles and peculiarities of operation of primary equipment used at facilities;
  • rules and methods to control equipment compliance with technical requirements for safe performance of operations.
  • operating skills of work with documentation, skills in Word, Excel, etc. 
  • effective certificate on “Drilling well control program surface BOP stuck" IWC.
  • knowledge of substantive safety documentation. 
  • good team work and communication skills.