Work place:
Aksai (field)
Contract type:
Shift pattern:
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Education and work experience:

Higher education (University degree or higher) in HSE or Fire Safety, Emergency areas and not less than 3 years of work experience in the specialist positions as per qualification or secondary technical and professional (secondary special, secondary professional) education in HSE or Fire Safety, Emergency areas (qualification) and not less than 5 years of work experience in the specialist positions as per speciality.

Main functions:

  • Development of effective and efficient emergency response management systems; issue of emergency response procedures for Field personnel, preparing of emergency response plans.
  • Arrangement of emergency response trainings and emergency actions for company personnel, contractors and communities located along the perimeter of Karachaganak Field.
  • Ensuring the readiness of fire-fighting and emergency rescue equipment and equipment of Operations HSE department, including the communications and notification arrangement of the local village alarm system.
  • Develop regulatory documents required to control and standardize emergency response and rescue services activities in order to ensure readiness for emergency response.
  • Develop operational plans and programs to train personnel how to behave in emergencies or accidents, providing trainings and conduct workshops with the members of Incident Control Teams, Field Incident Management Team, KPO Emergency Communication Centre and officials of communities, discussing emergency response issues and readiness for possible emergencies.
  • Make sure that emergency management system is complied with the level of potential risks, current and further operational needs.
  • Develop and make sure that the programs to effectively eliminate accident consequences are implemented and coordinate the work of KPO and contractor’s emergency response teams.
  • Develop requirements and criteria for contractor's emergency management system formation as well as monitor the re-certification of personnel and equipment of emergency response services for the right to carry out gas hazardous and firefighting works in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Make sure that Emergency Response Plans for existing facilities and those planned to be constructed are developed in compliance with applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international standards and global experience in emergency response, search and rescue operations.
  • Arrange for preparation and carrying out of drills, table tops exercises, integrated exercises, meetings with the community’s residents to explain the main provisions on residents notification of potential emergencies in KPO field and response measures.
  • Ensure adequate control of the availability, safety and reliability of emergency rescue, fire-fighting trucks and equipment, VAS equipment by the subordinates, including raising of necessary requests for maintenance, repair, replacement or procurement;
  • Ensure proper preparedness and readiness: notification and alarm system of communities, serviceable condition of Village Alarm Stations, telephone and cellular communications in the communities, Incident Control Centers and Field Incident Management Centre.
  • Participate in developing of technical specifications, scopes of work and bids documentation for contracts process for provision of services, works, equipment, tools and goods providers, regarding the emergency response and rescue services as well as village notification and alarm system.
  • Make proposals on budget formation within the limits of their competence for the provision of emergency rescue services, supply and maintenance of emergency rescue equipment to the field facilities and equipment for village alarm stations, public address system in communities.
  • Make sure that the requirements of controlling bodies to eliminate non-compliances in the department are fulfilled in a timely manner.
  • Interact with the company's facilities when carrying out preventive work on fire fighting and gas safety, as well as with local authorities responsible for the civil protection issues.
  • Participate in gas and fire safety inspections at the process facilities and advise KPO departments and units on fire and gas safety as part of the inspection commission.
  • Monitor and improve the work of the fire prevention team of a specialized contractor that provides fire prevention and firefighting services.

Necessary knowledge and skills:

  • Mastery English is an advantage on this role.
  • RoK Law on Civil Protection and RoK Labour Code;
  • Technical and fire safety regulations applicable to the field facilities;
  • Equipment operation features used at the facility and technological processes from the point of view of CP and emergency.
  • Organizational documents of management systems in the sphere of emergency response and fire safety
  • Emergency Response plans for hazardous facilities;
  • Technical coordination of Fire Fighting, Gas Hazardous Jobs, Search and Rescue and Oil Spill Response operations.
  • Interaction plans for the Company and Local Authorities involved in
    emergency response and evacuation of KPO unit personnel and communities;
  • Methods of partial isolating pieces of the process equipment;
  • Methods and forms of propagation and information on CP and emergency situations;
  • Risks and hazards arising during the activities of the units
  • Procedures of interaction with all services involved with emergency response;
  • Finance and Contract and Procurement KPO process and procedures.
  • Project management.
  • Basic Microsoft Office programs skills;
  • Stress tolerance.
  • Supervision and coordination of large amount of KPO and Contractors employees.
  • Ability to present theoretical and presentation material using technical devices. Ability to communicate with all levels of management, operators, multi cultural environments and external agencies.