Work place:
Aksai (field)
Contract type:
Shift pattern:
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Education and work experience:

Higher or secondary professional education technological machines and equipment area and not less than 5 years of work experience as per Mechanical Technician.

Main functions:

  • Carry out maintenance of processing equipment according to schedule of planned preventive maintenance;
  • Carry out maintenance of process equipment, preventive inspections and repair according to schedule of planned preventive maintenance and keep equipment in serviceable condition;
  • Carry out routine, minor and capital repair works, assemble, test, adjust and setup: pumps, compressors, high pressure valves, centrifugal, dozing, subsurface and sucker-rod pumps, gas and air compressors, seating of control and any kind of valves, hydraulic and pneumatic tools;
  • Calibrate pressure safety valves;
  • Give instructions to technicians of lower qualification regarding adjustment and repair of high-tech processl equipment;
  • Maintain technical documentation related to maintenance and operation of process equipment;
  • Control condition of equipment on site, condition of tools, storage and use of tools according to ROK legislation requirements and standards and Company Policy;
  • Cooperate and provide direct control over contractors’ activities;
  • Carry out the other tasks of line managers within the competence.

Necessary knowledge and skills:

  • P&IDs of areas;
  • Structure and specification of process equipment;
  • Function of particular units on site, operational rules, basic disassembling, repairing and assembling techniques;
  • Purpose and specification of lubrication oils and packing materials;
  • Structure, purpose and rules of use of bench tools and instrumentation, system of clearance and fits.
  • Performing of current, mid-life, overall repair of equipment;
  • Assembling, testing, adjustment and alignment of: HP valves, vents, centrifugal, dispensing, subsurface and sucker-rod pumps and also gas compressors and air compressors, block-control valves;
  • Keep records of technical documentation for process equipment operation and maintenance;
  • Experience in work with hydraulic/pneumatic tools for bolts connection tightening.